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,,GALA'' Awards Ceremony in Renewed National Museum

"GALA" Literary Awards celebrates its 5th birthday. The awards ceremony, opened by the founder of "GALA" ─ Zaal Samadashvili, took place in National Museum's yard.
"At its 5th birthday "GALA" presents a new, additional nomination called "Scenario of the Year". Only 60 books participated in our contest 5 years ago, whereas this year, the jury had to choose best works from 140 books. For my turn, I especially support authors of children's books. Literary contest is one of best ways to popularize reading. I am sure that 18 books nominated for the award will have lots of readers," declared Zaal Samadashvili.
"GALA" Literary Awards was founded upon the initiative of Tbilisi City Assembly Chairman. In the contest participate authors that have published books and scenarios during last year. The event is aimed at supporting literary men and script writers.
"GALA" competent jury elected 7 best works from 20 ones nominated for the contest. Each nominee winner received GEL 4000 prize and small copies of bronze age Kolkh axe (symbol of the contest).
The best "Scenario of Year" award went to script "Ada's Film" by student Maka Kukulava. She received the prize from the hands of Minister of Culture of Georgia ─Nikoloz Rurua. "
"Gala" is an extremely important event for development of modern Georgian literature" said minister Rurua.
"Let me thank the jury, Cinema Centre and my friends. I've created this work for my dear friends. I frequently say that my scenario is about teenagers that have freedom but in fact they do not enjoy it. The final stage of the film may reflect mere illusions. If so, let it simply be a film and viva cinema!" said Maka Kukulava.
The best "Translated Book" award went to the translation of Humberto Ecco's book"Rose Name" preformed by Khatuna Tskhadadze. The best "Illustration" award went to Loreta Abashidze-Shengelia.The best "Children's Book" award went to Natalia Davitashvili's book "In the Clouds and above them".
The best "Project of the Year" award went to Zaza Abzianidze's " 100 books ─ People that Changed the World". The best "Book of the Year" award went to Mariam Tsiklauri's poems' book "White Cows".The best "Hand Book the Year" went to Mikho Mosulishvili's "Vazha-Phavela".
The author received the prize from the hands of Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava. "If we review the past years of "GALA" we shall clearly see that the project does not stop searching for new faces. Hereby, I can bravely underline that this contest differs from all other of the same type. Each year "Gala" appears with a new interface," stated G. Ugulava.
"This prize makes me happy and loose my head," said Mikho Mosulishvii.
5 member jury formed by: translator Nino Kajaia, artist Dimitri Eristavi, writer Zurab Samadashvili, writer Mamuka Kherkheulidze and National Cinema Centre Director Nino Kukhalashvili, worked on revealing the winners from the list of books presented by publishing houses.
"This year, significantly good books formed the shortlists. Thus, it was truly difficult to make choices," said Nino Kajaia.
"In general, being jury member is a thankless job, as the winners usually consider themselves very gifted and think that the jury has rendered no service to them. And vice versa: the ones that loose, want to kill the jury. For us, it was truly difficult to choose best works from presented 138 ones. This year, much more authors were interested in participation," stated Mamuka Kherkheulidze.
"41 scenarios were presented to the contest held by National Cinema Centre. Our internal commission chose 7 best ones. From them, "GALA" jury named 3 nominees. Each of them is a high quality work. If producers show interest in them, we shall receive great films," said Nino Kukhalashvili.
The literary contest was broadcasted live by Tele Company "Imedi".